Alicia keys and eve dating


Alicia keys and eve dating

Alicia Keys is a time Grammy® Award-winning singer/songwriter/producer, an accomplished actress, a NY Times best-selling author and an entrepreneur. Jan 25,  · A couple of years ago she said in People magazine she was dating this guy who worked behind the scenes of her music videos. See all Swizz Beatz's marriages, divorces, hookups, break ups, affairs, and dating relationships plus celebrity photos, latest Swizz Beatz news, gossip, and biography. Alicia keys and eve dating

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For over 3 years, Alicia Keys has been branded a homewrecker ever since she first started dating her now-husband Swizz Beatz. After news broke that Swizzy was still very much married to his wife, at the time, Mashonda Tifrere , Alicia remained quiet for years about being the woman who allegedly broke up Swizz and Mashonda's relationship. YBF first broke the news of Alicia and Swizz's relationship back in , with most people not believing it as Swizz was still very much married to Mashonda.

But with pics of the two surfacing on vacay together, throwing birthday parties for each other, and cell phone kissy pics leaking, the evidence piled up. Now, Alicia tells Essence that Swizz and Mashonda were "completely separated" before they started dating:. We didn't start seeing each other until months after they had separated,' she said.

Swizz has said in interviews he had no longer felt "close" or married to Mashonda in his mind and heart. But still, Mashonda has maintained that she and Swizz had just had a baby and were still sexually involved and no papers were served when Swizz and Alicia started dating--she had no clue he wanted a divorce.

Alicia, who became engaged to Swizz 1 month after he and Mashonda's divorce was final, continues with her side of the story saying:. I was sure that if I engaged it would become back-and-forth like some sick entertainment, which goes against everything I believe and would have made things worse. Things are really good now,' said Alicia who also revealed that her love with Dean is 'intoxicating and whole'.

Kasseem is very present in his children's lives. I wouldn't be able to love him otherwise. We are doing what is best for the children,' she added. On why she didn't speak on this matter until now, Ms. Keys always recalls some advice Oprah Winfrey told her for many years: Alicia and Swizz are now extremely happy with their baby boy Egypt , who was named after the African country since that is where Alicia visited years ago when she wanted to relieve the pressures of success and fame.

And Mashonda has always maintained that Swizz is a great father to all 4 of his kids. May 14 by Natasha For over 3 years, Alicia Keys has been branded a homewrecker ever since she first started dating her now-husband Swizz Beatz. Alicia finally defends herself for the first time when you read on Now, Alicia tells Essence that Swizz and Mashonda were "completely separated" before they started dating: Alicia, who became engaged to Swizz 1 month after he and Mashonda's divorce was final, continues with her side of the story saying: Chris Brown and Rihanna Get Reconnected View the discussion thread.

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Login to post comments. Now that it's been a while and more dirt has surfaced, we can see yes, there was a baby born during Swizz and Mashonda's marriage. Nothing was said about that other than the girl was young and didn't know better. We also know he had an affair with another lady during that marriage, just no child with her. Wonder how many more we don't know about? Anyway what I'm getting at is if Mashonda knew he was not being faithful other times, how can she contribute the breakup of her marriage to just one person.

It was pretty evident from his actions he did not want to be with her. No one knows if Swizz and Alicia were having an affair all that time just becuse they were seen together. It has been said they have been friends for a long time. I do believe friends hang out together when possible. Also, why would he have been seeing another woman in London when he was supposedly having an affair with Alicia?

Too many unanswered questions and none of us know the answer. If Alicia says she did not break up that marriage then as far as I'm concerned, she didn't. I would much rather believe her as an ex wife who wants to put the blame on Alicia when she probably doesn't even know herself. He could have been with God knows who and her thinking it was Alicia.

It was a very nasty letter she wrote to Alicia and the fact she confronted her about it at a party and caused a scene doesn't make me think too much of Mashonda. Also Mashonda was invited to a birthday party by Alicia and Swizz during the separation and she went.

This according to Ms M herself. She knew they were seeing each other then and all of a sudden she decided to blast Alicia. Can you say backstabber? All i have to say is look deep into the whole situation. Swiss beats loved his wife and he wouldn't have been with her that long and brought another baby in the world with her while dating Alicia if he didnt.

Filed bankrupt and all. How convient it would be for him to just go and married Alicia keys. His wife wouldn't do anything to help them better the situation. Humm everyone is focused on the wrong things. There is a motive behind everything.

That man had been with his wife since they were young. EVERY1 can say that he loved his wife dearly up until alicia came in the picture. Alicia Keys is a fuckin stupid whore Swiss is a damn dog Ex-wifey is stupid for putting up with him for so long AND What comes around goes around.

And I'd be bitter too if my husband left me for another woman! I kill both their azzes and not think twice about it. If you don't want me no more - go about it the right way. But that effort you're put in fostering another relationship - you could have been putting it in us.

Marriage is WORK not some damn fairy tale Mashonda is not only bitter but a liar. She allowed the cheating before marriage and during.

She is mad because she stayed in a loveless marriage. Her hope and dream was to get married and have children and live happily ever after. She lost because she was delusional just like Emily who was in a relationship by herself in her head. Alicia is just a young ass lady who really don't know the game!!

She went about it the wrong way. She should have waited for the divorce before dating him She needs to learn the old rule the way u get'em is the way they leave you. Of course he was gon tell her anything she is young and has a lot to learn bout relationships They both was wrong and 2 wrongs surelly aint gon make a right They were not wrong.

Swizz was separated and in the process of divorcing his estranged, bi-polar wife for three years. He is finally free and happy with Alicia and their 7 month old son. All the children are happy and health and loved. That is the most important thing is love Alicia Keys is drop dead gorgeous!

She is just beautiful, smart, intelligent and talented. She has a good heart and I wish her nothing but the best in her marriage and career. Love her to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!! The situation is messy in its self and very time sensitive. People stop blaming the other woman. Mashonda is also guilty of it. She repeatedly points a finger at AKeys but really has nothing to say but nice things about swizz.

Akeys was not the only one he had dealings with. Separation is funny and there are many definitions and views of it. Either way clearly swizz from the gate was never commited to mashonda I have to question Mashondas integrity by repeatedly going to the press and doing interviews and using her kids to make akeys look bad.

At the end of the day I must say akeys and swizz look enlightened very happy.



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